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Office of Racial Harmony 2022 Advent Retreat: Walking Humbly with God

Participants at our annual Advent Retreat at Mercy Center were blessed by a powerful reflection from
Fr. David Jones, who currently serves as pastor of St. Benedict the African Parish in Chicago, IL and as an Archdiocesan Dean. This was a wonderful opportunity to prepare our hearts for Advent, and attendees reported feeling humbled, hopeful and inspired. Fr. Jones’ is an engaging storyteller whose wisdom and honesty touched our hearts. His quote that, “We come to Church for the same reason that Jesus came to Earth” challenged and inspired us to a deeper Advent journey. He tied some of his message to the All Things New initiative in a way that was both thought-provoking and hope-filled. The small group discussion, large group sharing and mingling/meal time all helped to build community and understanding. Per the post-survey, 84% of attendees agreed or strongly agreed that the event met their expectations! This was a real blessing for all involved

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